Wrong Love (LD25) Wrong Love (LD25)
This game has a simple concept. Get as much money as possible, get the goat and leave the house. But don't get caught bij the guards. This game is created with haXe. I focused most on the lights. The lights are also the spots where the guards can see you. If a guard can see you trough a wall then you can't really hide from them. The theme of this ludum dare was 'be the villian'.
Evoes (LD24) Evoes (LD24)
Another Ludum Dare game. I wanten to create a game completly in javascript using SVG's. There were a lot of problems so I couldn't build in my game what is was hoping for but at the end it is still a nice game where I learned a lot from.
Astronautics (LD23) Astronautics (LD23)
I have build this game using haXe and compiled it for HTML5, Flash, Windows, Linux, Android, WebOS. I have build this game in 24 hours inclusive all the graphics and sounds. You need to fly from planet to planet to get as high as possible. You can find the entry on ludum dare over here: http://www.ludumdare.com/...preview&uid=4506
Anti-SO(PI)PA Game Anti-SO(PI)PA Game
I've made this game to protest against SOPA and PIPA (and other acts with same problems, like ACTA) It's my first game created in HTML5 that iv'e finished. You need to fly around with your anti-censore rocket and to shoot all the censored websites so that the web will be free again.
MiniLD29 MiniLD29
My third entry for Ludum Dare. Not for a big jam but for a Mini LD. I had I little bit of lime left so I decided to join. In this game you fly around a angry bat. Your'e goal is to get those people inside so that you have all the space for yourself. But watch out for the house and the ground.
LD21 LD21
My second game for Ludum Dare. This time I started on time with a game. But at the end of the day i decided to create another game. And this is the game I sort of finished with. The movement of the walls is a bit buggy but i was already happy it worked.
My first Ludum Dare entry, A game I created in 2 hours because I found this competition a little bit late. In this game you're the son of the king and you want to go jogging. The king gives you some guards to protect you. You need to run more to get more score. If all the guards are hurt you return to the king.
Signature Sig game
A game that i created as a signature for a forum. You can slide the bar to play the game so it doesn't use much resources and if you go to another page the data will be saved so you can resume your game.
Bugs Fly killer
This is my first real game i made for a competition. Your'e a farmer and you need to keep the flies away from your girlfriend. But there are comming more and more flies during the game.
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